Grand Scheme

Grand Scheme is an introduction to the digital practice of Wisse Scheele.

In the Seascapes X,Y, and Z, Wisse Scheele experiments with the possibility of creating ocean-like movements in a digital world and merging it with dance in the physical realm. Coming from an artistic background in ballet, his first step was inhererently to choreograph the movements in the making of these works. He recorded himself dancing with motion capture technology and created the scape digitally. The dance steers the flow of the 'waves'. Between the three works, the texture on the cloths differ from each other, as do the movements of the dance as tells a different story in each piece.

Middleground is the central piece of the series that connects the physical and digital dance worlds, seeing how both worlds grow towards each other. The creative process of this piece involved choreographing, filmmaking, motion-design and editing.

"I started out choreographing for Calista Shepheard and Konosuke Takeoka, two amazing dancers from the Dutch National Ballet Academy. After choreographing, the dance was recorded with motion capture technology. After this I build dream like worlds around it. I intertwined movements from the physical world with movements from the digital world. With this I try to break out of the boundaries that dancers normally experience."

Wisse Scheele
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