Imitating the Old

Wisse Scheele's new collection titled Imitating the Old is a collaborative project created by Scheele and the musician Apollon Kalamenios. Kalamenios is a Cyprus based musician who is currently studying at the conservatory of Amsterdam. Inspired by the masters of Renaissance, antiquity, innovation and nature, the works in the collection portray big waves of movements, in which music imitates and matches the different kinds of motion. The collection is made up of four moving image pieces, Fluctus I, II, III and Fluctus IV .

"When Apollon and I went into the studio to record both the dance and music, one of the crucial points in our composition was to embrace the music, not only aurally but also visually. Therefore, we placed a violinist above the dancers where he has the key position to direct the movement of the dancers. The choreography that I created for this piece originates from breath. I found it interesting to experiment with 'staccato' which is very sharp and 'legato' which is very smooth, movements, just like how you can breathe differently. When you zoom in on one individual dancer you can really see the difference in movement and the breaths."

Wisse Scheele

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