Questioning is the prologue of the three-part series, Our Reality , created by Scheele and the musician Apollon Kalamenios. In this collection, that is made up of four works, Scheele researches and explores what we perceive as real and as fake, and while doing so he tries to blur the lines of our reality, what we perceive as real and what we perceive as fake. In this first part of the series, the work is produced in the physical world, and recorded by a camera whereas in the second part Scheele will present a similar choreography in a digital space.

I came to the realization that our world is becoming more and more digital, because of this I find myself having a hard time defining what is real and what is not, think of deepfake technology or artificial intelligence. In this first part of the series, questioning our reality, everything is physically done. The paint you see on my hands is real, the choreography, the movement and everything is done in camera. I was trying to figure out how I could best blur the lines between real and fake, and then I had an idea, I was going to physically blur the lines by filming through blurry surfaces. To add to this, Apollon Kalamenios, a great musician and friend of mine created a beautiful soundscape that fit exactly with my idea of blurring the lines in our reality. In the second part of the series (which is coming later this year) I will create similar works but everything will be done in the digital space. Who is to decide what is real and what is not?

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