Rayleigh Scattering

Rayleigh Scattering is a collection of works from two of Yann Novak’s series: Blue.Hour and Stillness. These works are collected here for their shared exploration of climate, atmosphere and time through the collection and alteration of photos and sounds of horizons in different locations.

Blue.Hour is based from photographs and sound recordings collected in Joshua Tree National Park in June 2010. Blue.Hour was originally exhibited at the Jack Straw New Media Gallery, Seattle, US, then at CODE 2014 in Città Sant’Angelo, IT. Blue.Hour has also been screened at SoundFjord, London, UK and most recently at LOOP Festival, Barcelona, ES.

Stillness.Subtropical and Stillness.Oceanic takes inspiration from the two climates from regions where Novak has lived: subtropical in Los Angeles and oceanic in Seattle. Stillness was originally shown as the inaugural exhibition at SoundFjord, London, UK and most recently at the preview of the Broad Museum, Los Angeles, CA.

All the works in Rayleigh Scattering collection represent high definition abridged versions of larger multichannel audio-visual installations that have been created exclusively for Sedition.

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