Art with Chemistry 2: Glycine (Amino Acid)

Art with Chemistry by Yogendra Joshi, where he captures the intricate details, colors, and textures of chemical crystals under a polarised light microscope at high magnification.

The video you see is NOT a digital art but an actual video of crystals growing under a microscope. Some of this is expediated or slowed down as some crystals form in seconds and some take hours.
These videos are created in Sep-2020.

To create these videos, we need to create dilute solutions of chemicals, spread them on glass slides, and heat them on flame or in a microwave to initiate the crystalization process. The step to take a video is tricky as we need to time a very small window between heating and crystals forming. Sometimes it needs a specialized technique called incremental partial crystalization. The colors are visible only under a cross polarised light and with high very magnification under a microscope and not visible to the normal eye in normal light.

Chemicals are the foundation blocks of everything and almost everything we see with our eyes also form at microscopic levels in textures and designs. That's called fractal, which broadly means the shapes repeat at every level of creation.

Yogendra also captures the images of these crystals and prints them on archival paper as wall hangings.

More videos in this collection coming soon.


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