Yoshi Sodeoka

New York, United States

Spectrum Discord: Number 0

Spectrum Discord: Number 0 is a video artwork by artist and musician Yoshi Sodeoka. His work is characterised by a distinctive neo-psychedelic aesthetic that spans across various media including, video, GIFs and print.

Spectrum Discord: Number 0 is an animated work inspired by the city lights of New York, where the artist has lived for over 25 years. The piece is composed of prisms, rays of light, and lens flares to create distortions and illusions of space. The refraction of light produces colours and lines that rotate within a dreamscape, as if one is drifting in and out of reality.

The work was created using digital 3D animation techniques, accompanied by sounds produced using an electric guitar that were then modified to create an otherworldly ambient soundtrack. Once the soundtrack was complete the artist used software to analyse the frequencies of sound produced by the guitar and used the resulting data to control the subtle motion and colours of the light rays seen in the piece. The light rays were carefully adjusted to create a shifting experience of light and space as if floating within an alternate dimension.

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Spectrum Discord: Number 0by Yoshi Sodeoka

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