Canadian digital artist Alex McLeod draws on a multifaceted background in advertising, communications and rapid prototyping that combine to facilitate his innovative practice. Having completed a BFA from Ontario College of Art and Design, McLeod is currently attending Digital Media at Ryerson University. McLeod’s practice is at the cusp of intersecting new technologies. Borrowing from the media and mechanisms of social networking McLeod creates technically sophisticated 3D environments, that are as much backdrops for advertising campaigns, as they might be the cinematic narrative for a new music video. Such uncertainty allows his works to exist as animated allegories.

McLeod has exhibited in internationally in HONEYMOON, Division Gallery, Toronto, 2015; Fan Fiction, Gallery Jones, Vancouver, 2014; Legendes Oubliees, Galerie Trois Points, Montreal, 2012; Estates of the Splendorous & Secret, Anno Domini, San Jose, 2010; Penetrating Surfaces, The Austrian Film Museum, Vienna, 2014; Scope Art Fair, Narwhal Gallery, Miami, 2011; Six Degrees of Separation, Claire Oliver, New York, 2010; ROJO nova, Museum of Images and Sound, Sao Paulo, 2010; and Peep Show, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, 2009. McLeod is represented by Division Gallery in Toronto.


2019 Ghost Stories Galerie Division, Toronto, CA
2018 Phantasmagoria Urban Screen at Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre, Vancouver, CA
2015 HONEYMOON Division Gallery, Toronto, CA
2014 Fan Fiction Gallery Jones, Vancouver, CA
2014 MYTH Galerie Trois Points, Montreal, CA
2013 Outworld Angell gallery, Toronto, CA
2012 Legendes Oubliees Galerie Trois Points, Montreal, CA
2011 Distant Secrets Angell Gallery, Toronto, CA
2011 Pulse Art Fair Angell Gallery, New York, US
2010 Estates of the Splendorous & Secret Anno Domini, San Jose, US