Floral Room

Floral Room invites viewers into a room filled with flowers that are constantly in flux, blooming and folding endlessly. In this floral, playful and and colourful scene, Mcleod creates an aquarium of blossoms that evoke vitality, joy and peace of a springtime.

Similar to Mcleod's Rotating Flower (Pink) , the work revolves around a process rather than a state. It celebrates the beauty of change and the power of imagination that allows us to picture illusionary places that could exist in real life. Floral Room suggests the idea of an imaginary habitat where a Rotating Flower (Pink) could have belonged to.

Floral Room is one of four artworks comprising the Back and Forth collection Alex Mcleod. Continuing his work in cycles, representing nature and opening portals, McLeod presents four perspectives of transition in his new collection Back and Forth .

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