Altera is an art collective formed in 2011 by Daniel Carvalho, Marcela Carvalho and José Santos. Altera uses digital medium to embrace motion as the primary content, fusing form and color in “choreographies” trying to push the boundaries of abstract visual art, based on aesthetical criteria. Footage of natural phenomena is used as a primer of the multilayered imagery, bringing a semi random pulse to the final Dynamic Painting videos. Marcela and Daniel Carvalho create the imagery and José Santos composes and arranges the contemporary instrumental music that drives the dynamic visual. Their latest project, The Water project, is a collection of audiovisual works each one bringing focus to different aspects of water dynamics. Altera’s Dynamic Painting videos have been selected for screening in international exhibitions including recently, Lumen Prize, Leeds Digital Festival, Jin Space & Gallery in Shanghai and Espacio Enter in the Canary Islands.