Hi, My name is Alvaro Morales. I am a graphic designer and digital illustrator, I am in Valencia, Venezuela. I have always been an enthusiast of the arts in its different forms. I like the opportunity to share my creations in this new way as Sedition does. Thank you for this opportunity.My work is mostly done in digital format, using different softwares to achieve it. My influences come from various aspects. From Cinema, Comic, Anime and Manga, or from the great masters of our history, to a simple line or a simple photo taken with my phone, they can be a source of inspiration to create something.The digital medium allows me to have a wide freedom to carry out my artistic proposal. I do not consider myself an artist who has a defined method or style. Rather, I try to flow with what my feelings tell me at the time of creation.Being a creative in Venezuela is quite difficult, due to all the problems that exist here. Finding the daily motivation is the hardest task. I understand what happens that creative person who lives in Syria, Sudan, or North Korea. Artists do not understand Governments or Policies. But if we are affected by the consequences of third parties. For this reason I emphasize once again that being able to have the opportunity of this window, to show my creations, to be able to sell them but above all to show them to the whole world, is something wonderful. I consider myself a lucky individual in this regard. Because my artistic work can reach many people quickly.