Emotion 04

Emotions is a captivating collection of digital artworks by artist Amine Rachad, also known as Âme In Love. This six-piece series delves into the intricate connection between our emotions and inner peace, guiding viewers on a journey toward contemplation, detachment, and serenity.

Drawing inspiration from philosophical and spiritual teachings, Rachad's work pays tribute to the groundbreaking digital artist Refik Anadol. By fusing Anadol's visual techniques with his own unique interpretations, Rachad presents a fresh perspective on attaining freedom from suffering through inner detachment. His collection employs evocative visual metaphors, influenced by the beauty of nature, to create a serene and meditative space for the audience.

An essential component of this series is its mesmerizing soundtrack, composed by the artist himself. Infused with sacred frequencies at 285hz, the music has a profound impact on both body and mind. Enriched with organic sounds and the soothing whispers of nature, the audio experience perfectly complements the visual narrative, encouraging viewers to connect with their inner well-being.

The Emotions series is a truly inspiring and transformative digital art collection that offers a fresh perspective on the interplay between our emotions and personal well-being. Paying homage to Refik Anadol's innovative style, Rachad embarks the viewer on a unique journey, showcasing the profound impact of art on the human experience.


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