"The face opposite"

You can look into the eyes, you can look into the left cheek, or the right
cheek... Do you see a smile on the face now? Are you ready to see it?
And if you are ready, then look. It's here. Here smiling eyes and
dancing eyebrows. You want to see the sadness? Look , it's right
there now. Tears are about to spill down. And if the Shine of the
eyes gives you hope - look, look closely, because it is there.
Excitement? These eyes do not lie and the corners of the mouth
are ready to rise in a smile that recognizes - Yes, it is, it
happened. Do you believe? It will happen. It's happening. Do you
see a child there? See that Woman? See that Man? Strict nose
says Yes, it's me. Plump lips say Yes, it's me. Kind eyes say - Yes,
it's me. Do you see the asymmetry? Yes, of course, because there is a life.


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