Ana Khomyakova (b. 1985) is a Russian artist, writer and musician. Ana graduated from the Academy of Culture and Arts. She creates works in the format of digital art, which, like as the plots in her stories and poems, are based on the illusory perception of the world by people. Surrealism and absurdity, subtle facets of tension and freedom, where everything that happens is simultaneously an action. Black is a white, light is a shadow, and day is a night. "Sometimes my hands do it themselves", says the artist, "I do not build forms, do not make sketches, everything happens in one breath". There is another feature, her work is always multidimensional. - "If today you see an angel there, tomorrow will see there and the demon. Everything's normal". She successfully collaborates with National Center of Contemporary Art and participates in exhibitions in Moscow. Also in writing the music used digital methods of creating and compiling a variety of sounds where the rhythm is broken, but this only adds dimension to the sound. She creates music in breaks and ambient styles. It should be noted that the musical works have not been published anywhere. And perhaps it so just there to one story smoothly flowed into another - from music to digital art, from there to poetry, and from poetry to music. This creates a complete picture inside the author, which can then be shown outside.