Anthony Granato

Salt Lake City, United States
Anthony Granato has self-diagnosed ‘Art ADD.’ The visual artist describes this further as an intense love for all art; painting, photography, drawing, print making, sculpting and digital graphics. He describes his own work as mixed media, though he says he truly considers himself a painter. “The process in which I create my art is much like developing a riddle,” he says. “I start with the answer and work backwards. I begin with the final product then figure out how to make it happen. I take elements I’ve drawn, sculpted or photographed and scan them into the computer. Once in the computer, I bring them all together and merge them into one cohesive image. They are then printed with fully archival materials, mounted on board and then finished in oils." Anthony Granato has been active in the art industry for over 15 years. After a career in illustration and freelance design working for Lucas Films and major publications, he has settled into the fine art profession. His work has been featured in New York and BlueCanvas Magazine. In addition to all of his press, Anthony won the Visual Artist of the Year for RAW Salt Lake City. In his off time he has been known to impersonate Elvis, stalk Thomas Kinkade, lounge on the grassy knoll and "sock-slide" on his hardwood floors wearing Spider Man pajamas. And remember, Soylent Green is people.