Argyle Road Designs

Munster, KZN
Argyle Road Designs is a collaboration between three South African artists who share a passion for digital photography and art, creative writing, music, movement and existential musing. Artworks arise out of an environment of persistent discussions about spontaneity, meditation, social conditioning, memory, dreaming and imagination, and ongoing explorations with image, sound and motion. Two of the artists (b. 1970 and 1973) share a background in the performing arts (working for many years as educators, creators and performers in multimedia performative contexts) but their emphasis on individual experience and transformation has led them to become self-taught artists in a diversity of other fields. The third contributor to the creative collective is their daughter (b. 2008), whose process of home-schooling has provided endless insights into the nature of creativity, learning, perception and knowledge. A primary goal of Argyle Road Designs is to provide artworks that are meditative and medicinal. As atemporal, non-literal and non-linear artworks, they grant the viewer permission to travel into, and contemplate, worlds-within-worlds. Although previous multi-media works of the artists have been performed on theatre stages and in site-specific environments throughout South Africa, this is the first year that the collaboration is presenting digital stills on digital art platforms.