Argyle Road Designs

Munster, KZN

Dragon dreams of rites of passage

This work is one of several in The Dragon Dreams Collection in which the liberated human experience is honored. "The dragon is alive and well. It has not left the realm of the imagination - we have." Created through a process of staying attuned to environmental cues, spontaneous gestures and intuitive design principles, this mixed media work foregrounds the movement of color and the mood of form. Despite the lack of obvious representation in this artwork, it is to be considered elemental rather than abstract in style. As a metascape, it explores patterns on the level of intention and captures the somatic intelligence of the artist. Through using singular digital brush strokes on an original digital photo to expose concentric and interconnected worlds-within-worlds, the artwork invites a deepening of perception and contemplation. From a shamanic point of view, the artwork is medicinal, offering the possibility for an infusion or change of state in the viewer. As a densely layered and intricately textured still image, it invites movement at the level of perception.
This original work was created in September 2018 and this is the first and only platform on which it is being exhibited.


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