Atton Paul is a collage artist. His life-long passion for layering things as taken him into explorations of collage on paper, filmmaking, and sound design.

Raised in Texas, Atton was exposed to processes of creativity from the very beginning while having a father who immigrated from Czechoslovakia with a dream of starting a country western band and visions of wearing rhinestone encrusted polyester 2-piece suites, and his beautiful mother of Native American/French decent who was a florist specializing in Ikebana - the Japanese art of flower arranging. A young Atton would often accompany his father to rehearsals and witness the creative processes involved in making music while Atton’s mother introduced him to designing with nature. Both parents gave their only child Atton plenty of inspiring content and room to explore for making his own art and by providing him with some basic tools such as paper, scissors, glue, and old magazines all of which Atton still works with to this very day.

Atton's films have screened in arthouse theaters and on museum walls in the states, and in international film festivals having been selected into twenty-three festivals during 2017 including the prestigious Mister Vorky International Film Festival with his experimental short, Spirits Passing Though My Home.