Bink Walstra, a young digital artist from the Netherlands, is captivating audiences with his otherworldly art, where humanoid figures are created based upon abstract concepts in combination with mesmerizing procedural effects. Always in pursuit of improvement, Walstra's artistic journey unfolds as a continuous exploration.

Known to most as "Bonkstraa," this 20-year-old artist embarked on his digital art odyssey five years ago using Blender. Immersing himself in tutorials, sharing creations on social media, and developing a unique style and workflow became integral to his artistic evolution.

Walstra's artistic style forms a captivating fusion of humanoid figures, abstract concepts, and procedural effects. The presence of the humanoid form serves as the foundation for all his artworks, establishing a sense of recognition and familiarity. This approach enables Walstra to explore and comprehend complex abstract concepts, such as emotions, by expressing them through his distinctive character designs. Creating art becomes an avenue for him to channel thoughts and ideas into these humanoid figures, forming the essence of his artistic expression.

While he has ventured into various workflows and styles in the past, the current approach has truly resonated with Walstra. Evoking emotions and imbuing his characters with profound meaning lie at the heart of his creative process.

Constantly learning, growing, and refining his craft, Walstra believes that the best is yet to come.

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