Bstract is a Channel Islands-based artist who creates original hand-painted digitally enhanced pieces of art sold exclusively as NFTs. His symbolic abstract pieces draw inspiration from his work as a professional musician, the beauty in nature and love, his travels through different cultures, and his interest in technology and innovation.

Over the last few years, his art has been displayed all over the World, including Times Square, Occulus Centre, 0x17 Gallery (New York), Iham Gallery (Paris), Stratosphere (Miami Art Basil), Ghent Gallery and Billboards (Belgium), Baluarte San Per (Ibiza), Dany (Bejing), NFT Tallinn (Estonia), and a list of other Exhibitions.

His latest accolades include achieving personal all-time high sales on marketplaces like SuperRare and Makersplace, speaking with Time as part of their emerging artist series, speaking at several different NFT conferences, merging his career as a professional musician with Web3, selling out tracks, playing festivals, and signing with Gala Music.

His most ambitious release was a collaborative collection with Emily Faye. They created 100 unique songs, each with animated art, telling the stories of the incredible women in Web3.

Bstract continues to innovate and explore several unique concepts, including AR and VR Art, Audio-based Art, and Dynamic Art. His most recent piece, Tide, a dynamic piece that reacts to tidal data, was created with Hugs x Transient Labs and was awarded 2nd place and displayed in New York.

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