Boris Labbé and Daniele Ghisi

Any Road

The digital edition of Any Road derives from an audiovisual concert created by video artist Boris Labbé and composer Daniele Ghisi. The concert combined video, electronic music and analogue music produced by an orchestra; for the digital edition version the orchestra has been replaced by an electroacoustic music soundtrack.

Commissioned by GRAME/French Ministry of Culture, Any Road is an exploration into the cyclical manipulation of image and sound which ties together classical cinematic ordering with more contemporary algorithmic ordering.

Two loudspeakers, as gamers, are playing a ping-pong match with words and sounds. Their playing field continually shifts and scales in and out; the dynamic of the game itself is disrupted by the unfolding and unpredictable dynamics of the changing environment produced by the accompanying music and visuals. The synchronized video continually transcends its references, from video games to abstract animations to historic cinematic works.

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Any Roadby Boris Labbé and Daniele Ghisi

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