Lead from the front. Challenge and cajole. Take the customers side. Nudge. Push. Jump in with both feet. Encourage. Reach for the "triumph of high achievement…" but if we must, then "…fail while daring greatly". Demonstrate the power of attraction of beautiful communication. Listen to gut and heart as well as mind. Shape Brand Destiny. I work at BWP Group. We help brands start conversations with customers and become part of their lives. By solving problems they can’t solve themselves, and uncovering why their business really exists, we help shape their destiny. We create campaign ideas, compelling content, engaging events, interactive experiences and more. All to encourage customers to build relationships with you. Never bound or blinkered, we’re a collection of specialists who share ideas and understand one another’s skills. We live connected lives and rarely switch off. Your brand exists in that landscape. It occupies a space while life goes on around it. It’s time to focus your brand on your customer. They should drive your behaviour, not your objectives. We help brands understand their landscape – to harness and shape their destiny. wearebwp.com

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