Brandon Dalmer

Montreal QC Canada
Brandon A. Dalmer (b.1984 - Canada) works with painting, installation and video. His practice explores the way images are made through machine processes and techniques associated with rapid prototyping, generating images highlighting the ongoing relationship humans have with expanding technologies. By converting analog information to digital, humans are able to interact with this data at a faster rate; however this translation has its limitations. What is lost through this process? Can any of this information be reclaimed by converting the digital into the physical? What effect do these artificial aesthetics have on our perception over time? Dalmer is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at Concordia University (Montréal, QC) and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta University of the Arts (Calgary, AB). He has participated in residencies and has exhibited across Canada and internationally. Recent exhibitions include: This Month Only (2018), Ed Video (2018), Latitude 53 (2017), and Katzman Contemporary (2017). Dalmer has also been involved in a number of artist-run organizations and curatorial projects aimed at the incubation of emerging artists; most recently the Roundtable Residency (Toronto), and Wreck City (Calgary). He is also part of the analog/digital installation duo VIDEOMANCY.