Sander van Laar “A bouquet that never withers ” Professional photographer Sander van Laar grew up in the Schepenbuurt in Veenendaal. After high school, he briefly considered going to Groenhorst College to learn flower arrangement. It turned out to be a different direction. Sander opted for the Graphic Lyceum and continued his education with the photography school (graduated cum laude). But what about his love for flowers…? It stayed! VEENENDAAL – Flowers in all scents and especially colors play an important role in the life of the professional photographer from Veen. The artworks of the digital flower arranger have now found their way to many Dutch houses. And it is not only the Dutch who appreciate his work. 'There are works of mine in German and Belgian galleries. My dream?' - Sander is ambitious and dreams big – 'That my art will hang in galleries in New York within five years!' he says with a broad smile. The flower still lifes in combination with vases from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam are unique . These works are for sale in limited edition in the gallery and perhaps the attentive eye will discover something surprising. Sander van Laar Curriculum vitae If you want to know the latest news about his flower arts, check out his Blog The flower painting Also make beautifull abstract Art with the most beautifull colors of the world