Christo Guelov (Xto)

Madrid, Spain


Light, Movement, Rhythm, Color... How do they change us?
An environment clean, white, structured and balanced, which keeps the color. Modular composition of white cubes.

Resolution: HD. Video code: (HQ) H.264 Mov. Video Data Rate: 35 Mbits. Audio: Stereo. Play mode: Loop. Loop duration: 3' 52” (5800 frs.) Version – Unique. Available for any display device.
Work available in UHD (4K) resolution.

#digitalmediaart, #artinmotion, playart, #dynamicart, #lifetimeart, #kineticart, #smartphoneart, #movingimage, #digitalartchannel, #digitalmotionartwork, #audiovisualperformance

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