Claire Reika Wright

Bridport, United Kingdom

Horizons 1 (Seascapes)

Springing from the enforced restrictions of self-isolation and 'lockdown' Wrights' Horizons series of 'moving paintings' reflect her desire to keep connected to the world outside of the four walls of her apartment. The work continues Wrights' fascination with the combining of traditional painting methods and digital technologies. Horizons 1 (Seascapes) journeys through the layers of media that make up a set of hand painted seascapes. Semi abstract images merge and flow in an evocative cascade of line, shape, texture and colour.

At a time when our horizons are severely limited this work may offer some soothing respite.

The soundtrack, composed by Wright in response to the imagery, enhances the overall atmospheric quality of the work.

There are two other works in the series; Horizons 2 (Cities) and Horizons 3 (Mountains).


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