Claire Reika Wright

Bridport, United Kingdom

British artist Claire Reika Wright combines traditional and digital painting techniques and produces constantly changing imagery in intriguing 3D spaces. Viewers are taken on interactive journeys full of mesmerising colour, evocative sounds and music.

For the past twenty years, Claire Reika Wright has made a career as an artist and composer. Her work is in private and public collections around the world. She first began working with digital art techniques in the early 1990s well before the art world in general woke up to the huge potential of the new media. A number of her moving image works were included as a special feature of the 2012 Lumen Prize world tour and she was shortlisted for the prize in 2014. Wright: "I find that with abstract art, particularly with time based and interactive work, viewers make their own very personal interpretations. I want my work to fill viewers heads with ideas, even though initially, they may make nothing of it at all.”

Wright lives and works in Dorset, United Kingdom. More of her digital pieces can be seen on her website