Claire Reika Wright

Bridport, United Kingdom

Last One In

This 3 minute allegorical semi-abstract animated art work that conjures a sense of the desolate loneliness that face the last survivors of any clamitous event. With obvious references to global warming and the fates awaiting the millions who live on low lying land masses Wright exploits the irony that the seemingly unstoppable human drive to multiply could ultimately result in a solitary finale.

From a vastness of an oily sea beneath a night sky there emerges a strange entity, shaped like a huge totem pole, phallic, flexible and restless. The waters relentlessly encroach upon the land and the entity becomes agitated and mystified. Another symbolic being appears out of the water and the two briefly dance together. The couple part with sadness and as the waters get increasingly turbulent, covering the land, the lone entity struggles and finally succumbs to be drawn beneath the waves.

Created in August 2017 using Corel Painter, Photoshop, Cinema 4D and Final Cut Pro. The music, composed and performed by Wright was created using Logic Pro and a Studio Logic keyboard.


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