Cézanne's Tulips

Cézanne's Tulips is part of Machines for Thinking, a series inspired by remixing public-domain 19th-century still-life paintings from the great era of the School of Paris. Like that earlier time, our own 21st century is experiencing a paradigm shift, one in which computer-generated realities augment and metamorphose our vision of what actually might be considered real.

As in the 19th century, in the 21st, the boundary between the fantastical imaginary and the physical or concrete are experiencing a process of evolution and erosion. With these still-life animations, in the same manner that Impressionist and Post Impressionist painters were influenced by the introduction of Photography, as a first-generation denizen of post-Internet digital culture, Hart is, as they were, in the thrall of a new Industrial Revolution, also expressing a transformation of vision and the shock of the new.


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