Alien World

hi and welcome to alien world, this work of art is part of my studies on both the mathematics and the origin of form, algorithm’s and artistic creation i gave this one the essence of on-going developing form and changes, this art creation was a clean and directional form and re-form of the art creation, some of the components that are within this work i created for the pleasure of the geometric, art design movements, the colours have a base of the polished symmetry of mirroring so as to generate the logic patterns needed, that have also got movements akin to that of nature its self, if you look closely during the viewing of the work your mind’s eye will travel through the sequence’s and the colours of the individual movements and the viewer can see the visual experience from their own perspective almost like mind candy a caption that just is a great thrill so i hope you will buy a copy and add this to your collections have a great day and i present to you the art work so called

Alien World


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