welcome to the performance art work of Cubed by the description this is indeed a step up on the development of the values and created pieces that helped create the art work involved in producing the defined and collated surfaces for the works and consumed some time i looked at one of the favourite art forms in this piece where an artist has a hanging brush and uses bold strokes within an area and i took the understanding of the forward and return motions and the types of form that could be achieved and created the area and then applied them to the mathematical engines that give the art its life so this moving image is a forward movement on the art works i produce i have this art work as capturing an effervescent explosion of colour and of movement with no fixed constraints on the primary flow of the constructs i hope you will enjoy the art work and the definition for its name being that I have lifted the work to a new height (In Mathematics to raise (a number or value) to its cube.) so i present to you the art work called



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