to coin a phrase an image that has both movement and depth and a functional flow with colour and fun built in to an art piece then this image has all those factors and quite like something that was made and created for devices as we all like a bit of fun imagery to have on a device to look at and as for choice many don’t all ways like just the pure art form i have found there are a lot that do like the fun side of the arts and to have something that just doesn’t need that much thinking about but can be enjoyed just the same then this particular piece has that quality but if you are a thinker then the description that might be applied is this art piece has also the calculations and creations that can be found in fractal calculation forms and the answer to the creative side is i applied the calculations to generate the lines and the fading where i wanted them as if i held a brush in my hand a guided the very detail with clarity of thought then upon having the primary base for the images i then took to giving them motion and cycles so capturing the eye to having to watch to see the images before yourself as to study an art piece in detail is the only way to appreciate it for what it really is so i present to you



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