Image Pulse

As part of my art form i use all available tools and mastering equipment and of course the finesse of the mind and imagination with those tools to hand i create and develop and master my art forms not just by the hand but also with the mind and mathematics i like to work with unique and original pieces so as to guarantee that you won’t have seen anything quite like it before, the creation of this works has a base in the motions of liquid flowing and the colour pallets that have been around for some time but enhanced by my creation and evolved in to this display of bursts of form alongside this within the art work is a unique image developments that constantly change the motion and flows of the works which is aimed to hold the viewers’ attention to the work and allow the imagination to run wild with the creation i believe if we were to go back in time and experience the 1960s with this work then I’m sure there would be a lot of people who could identify with the sculpturing of the finished product as it holds the forms of those who can identify with true movement and may be a touch of the psychedelic enticements held with the art work I hope you will enjoy and add this to your collection to view and love for many years to come this is

Image Pulse


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