This is Saxy

It is a very complex formation of modern art the still parts of the productions of this master piece took months to produce alone each piece is in its self a work of mastery my art brush strokes were created by sweeping flowing movements to each and every canvas they were then transformed in to parts of the bigger form of the process by then adapting them to the primary spherical objects all the objects are 3 dimensional to which i then applied the calculations to each and every object i also have multiple layers and layers and each of them also have a multiplicity of calculations applied to them to build the primary structures so in today’s world using art creativity also has a mathematical element to which i call a mathematical wizardry as it take time to create and develop all of the master systems and all the calculations to give an art piece a performance not just a viewing so on that note i thought i would paint you a picture right in front of your eyes in real time and even in multiple dimensions so i present to you the au some art work called Saxy so given by name for the sexy polished finished and by the almost audible visual look to it so eye candy is an understatement for this art work i hope you enjoy the piece and have time to see all the other delights held on my profile have a great day

Clive McNally


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