The Elementalist

This is the Elementalist it by its very description and form is a modern art work based on the imagery and concept of the very description that is its name this has many types of new and developed art formations at the heart of the Art work so originality is the key part of the painting and this has no other image like this anywhere in the world so when you see this work you will be looking at a piece that fits the ages and history and through time its self this also has some reflections on my own life and thoughts and concepts that i have developed for not just only art but of that of the universe as well and i have incorporated all these factors in to the image and made this one of the most powerful images that has ever been created so i hope you have time to both indulge in the marvel and enjoy the essences that you find are capturing to you and your eye i hope you will add this to your collection to enjoy for many years to come the common description for this concept name is as below and i present to you the art work so called

The Elementalist

Definition of elementalism
A tendency to postulate a separation into independent entities or elements of things (such as mind and body, space and time) that can be only verbally so separated

Clive McNally

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