The Infinite Bank Note

HI many have talked about over time that if a Bank note could be produced that was Infinite in value and could indeed Get You whatever you wished for and who ever held one would have the power to do what they wished, purchase anything and have riches of any amount this will be in your grasp as i have just created such a thing it is the Infinite banknote this being an Art Work has all the values that are needed to achieve this goal and the note itself is digital and one of a kind so for each and every one that has one it goes up in value and not only that being its an art work and that it appreciates in value and that being digital it can have as many copies sold as is required this makes it infinite and so with both rising value and an art work and being in the blockchain means this is the first and only EVER created and league currency around the world as an art work it took some time to create the art work and the concept to get the look and the work fully functional and the works themselves have some quite extensive hours in the graphics you won’t be able to find another that has all these qualities and the note being registered and in the blockchain means also there won’t be another created as this is the first and so can only be the only one as its registered as the only infinite note that exists as an art form of league tender plus the art work its self rising in value will also meet all the criteria for any league reasons so i present to you The Infinite Bank Note


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