Krell Series 03

The 'Krell Series' is a selection of music videos directed by Mark & Paul Cummings that are created using digital generative processes. Having references to the 1956 classic cult Science Fiction film Forbidden Planet, the series draws inspiration from the original soundtrack that was created by Bebe and Louis Barron who were early pioneers of electronic music. The soundtrack was the first film score used by Holly Wood to be entirely electronic using Musique concrète processes that were revolutionary for the period.

The Cummings artists take 'Krell Music' to another level by utilizing a 'Krell Patch' not only to drive the audio but also to generate the procedurally rendered video, by coupling VCV and Unreal Engine. VCV is a virtual modular synthesizer and Unreal Engine is a 3D graphical games engine. The soundtrack directs all aspects of the animated sequence. The Pitch, voicing, envelope, colour, timbre, and acoustic effects influence the camera, the field of view, exposure setting, the video processing effects, lighting, colour and the motion of objects.

The viewer is taken through rapid disorientating scene changes on Altair IV, night becomes day and day becomes night within seconds, lurching from hot deserts to cold oceans. Alien artifacts manifest and disappear with puzzling motions sometimes monstrous and others benign in a dance that is akin to a futuristic dialogue between machines that are dreaming. Some scenes feel familiar only to be shattered by unpredictable and


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