1amsaint is my alias I engage in for exploring and sharing, my artistic expression, thoughts and my catharsis through digital art and music production. I engage in many mediums within these two fields and am constantly trying to push the boundaries and ways things such as videography, photography, graphic and motion design interact with another. My pieces are focused around subjects that's inspire me such as, philosophy, sociology and the self development of expression through art. Genres in which often inspire my work and would best describe my style include, sci-fiction, cyberpunk, glitch/post modernistic art. A core philosophy of my work is to understand what each piece is trying to say and make one feel so the end result can best represent the atmosphere I'm expressing. My work is often presented alongside or based within music, primarily electronic dance music. I've been fortunate to work alongside many extremely talented EDM producers primarily in the bass music scene, artists such as Shockone, Monxx and Marauda. Whenever working in collaboration with an artist, my focus is on creating pieces which reflect both their personality and my interpretation to best represent what they're about and create something uniquely special. 1amsaint// A moment in time>