A Modern day Renaissance Artist would have to be a cross between old school traditional art & new school internet geek. Perhaps a hybrid, walking between religion & science seeking a mystical experience. An artisan is always in spiritual pursuit of the holy grail just within reach. A need to bring heaven down to earth: To share it with others. To free it's expression. Liberate it. While with technology you have to be a logical person. Disciplined. Rational. Feasibly with a aptitude of a programmers mind. One who processes the ability to emphatically convey graphic emotional experiences is beyond techno geek. Yet required if not socially in our day, creatively just to relieve the boredom of it all. It takes experimentation, walking down many paths, learning new things and questioning curious muses with skill to express the exceptional. Conceivably only the greatest artists & nerds look above an below the surface of things to see what really makes them tick. One side normally has the intelligence to understand it, the other side the heart to transform the rest of the words views on it's subject. Each is a natural born investigator if you will with a unquenchable thirst in the quest for knowledge. Scientific & artistic minds want to know how for different reasons. An they go about it entirely differently. Yet, this is a time when Art & Science minds meet. Today you have to be both an I am. An Artist By Design. Dana Haynes