Dave Greber

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States


A fable:

A man heard the the cries of an earthworm writhing in pain on the hot sidewalk. The man, feeling compassionate in the moment, picked up the worm to offer help. But the worm howled, “No!  Don’t eat me, human!” and scrambled to escape. The man said, “Don’t be afraid, little one. I’m only going to place you in the grass, so you can return to the soil.” “Lies! You are going to use me as fishing bait! It’s the natural order!” screamed the earthworm as he struggled against the man’s hold. The man replied, “I know that your instincts make it impossible for you to comprehend my intentions, but there is more to nature than a worm can ever know.”  The man gently placed the worm in the grass and looked up at the sky as it started to rain.  As above, so below.

This piece was originally conceived as a limited-edition lenticular print available through The Drop: http://www.thedropnola.com/artist/dave-greber


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