Philippe André Landry (St. Martinville, b.1980) is an artist and writer from South Louisiana and is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He studied anthropology and history at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette before turning his focus to sound. Next to being a multi-instrumentalist, he has written music for contemporary dance, collaborated with visual artists on mixed media installations, and has exhibited sound work in group shows in New Orleans, Brooklyn, NY, and Cleveland, OH. Landry's sound explorations include field recordings, tape music, and crude piano studies. His field recordings focus on the acoustic ecology of South Louisiana's diverse landscapes and environments, melding anthropology, history, and geography to further examine liminal spaces, thresholds, and the relationship between rural and urban spaces. Philippe’s compositions range from scores for dance and live performances, to mixed media installations and tape collages comprised of magnetic reel-to-reel or cassette tape cut-ups and loops. His piano work is a ham-fisted approximation of futurism or Stravinsky.