David Cedeño

Caracas, Venezuela

Dama y Minotauro

Caracas, Venezuela (2018)
Mixed Media; Acrylics in Canvas
New work - Serie "Ethereal Witnesses"

An allegory to the great Julio Cortázar who in his book Los Reyes (1949) reverses the myth of Ariadna and the Minotaur. For Cortazar the Minotaur is the free man, the poet that the system contains, and Theseus, the fascist, the gangster of King Minos. Ariadna, in the book, fights for the liberation of her brother, the Minotaur.

"Why are you afraid of him? He is my brother ”, she tells Minos, who in turn constructs a discourse of gender violence:“ Mothers (when referring to Pasífae) do not count. Everything is in the warm germ that chooses and uses them ”.

Here, the ball of wool that Ariadna offers Theseus is not for him. It is destined for the Minotaur, for his freedom, for the fist that will tear Theseus to pieces.


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