David Cedeño

Caracas, Venezuela
Born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1956, David has an successful professional career as painter and sculptor. In recognition of his talent, in 2011 he was awarded with the prestigious "Mario Abreu" Venezuelan National Plastics Arts Prize. His artwork is part of multiples public and private collections in galleries and museums across the world. His paintings has been sold in premier destination auctions as Sotheby's and Christie's. Until the date, Cedeño has more than 23 individual exhibitions and more than 20 group exhibitions. "Cedeño reminds us that the artist's demon is the path of the angel we call Art" - Miguel Von Dangel "The codes and formal solutions that Cedeño develops in the realization of his works are difficult and complex, they are usually hidden, underground, latent, like his symbols abruptly extracted from the obscurities of a formless mysticism" - Perán Erminy "For David Cedeño each piece belongs to a gear that will give rise to a narration, to a story of philosophical, surreal or sacred hallucinations" - Zuleiva Vivas "It is not easy to work from the symbolic voice. In this sense, Cedeño is a challenge. It is not easy to do it from helplessness, which all nakedness or interior confession entails. The process is similar to the voice of the poet who assumes his humanity, only, in the middle of the desert "- Susana Benko

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