2 Spring Cycle 14

Cycle is a collection of 16 artworks that capture, illustrate and portray
moments of natures great cycle - the 4 seasons.
It is not a definitive collection and as with nature it will change and grow with future cycles.
Each artwork begins with a series of photographs, something random, something composed, something noticed,
a moment captured in the cycle. After a lengthy selection process the most interesting photographs
are separated and grouped together ready for the next stage . Using photo editing software all of the
selected images are filtered with paint effects. They are then blended and fused back with the originals.
An evolutionary process of applying effects, blending and fusing continues until I feel I have
the right images for the final art. The last process and perhaps one of the most exciting is the
application of symmetry whilst constructing each final artwork.


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2 Spring Cycle 14by DAVID HARGREAVES

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