NW / UK Artist - Progressive / Evolutionary / Fusion Art / Having trained and worked as a professional artist / printmaker within the commercial screen printing industry. I have not been influenced or disciplined in any school of thought or method. This is an important factor in my development as an artist as I have had the freedom to explore, discover and create within my own perimeters of experience / I have worked in a variety of traditional media including watercolour, oils, graphite and screen print. I am now currently using photography, computers and digital media to generate artwork / I tend to work in an innovative way fusing different elements together creating art that I can only describe as being fusion art or fusionism. Essentially my method of working is an evolutionary process of joining, blending and unifying. I paint what I feel, see, and sometimes imagine. I always paint the things in life that touch and inspire me / Key Exhibitions - One Man Show ' Strokes ' ( Paintings ) Grundy Art Gallery Blackpool 1985 - Original Artists Prints ' Heroes ' Battersea Contemporary Art Fair London 1993 - Gagliardi Contemporary Art ' British Contemporary Art ' London 1993 - Group Show ' Print Makers ' Argile Gallery London 1993 - Group Show ' Contemporary Print Makers ' Coventry Gallery London 1993 - One Man Show ' Heroes ' ( Artworks & printworks ) Grundy Gallery Blackpool 1993 - The Fusion Art Online Exhibition Series – 2019 / 2021.Visit > http://www.artfusions.co.uk