David Randal Miller (b. 1964, Athens, Alabama, USA) received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from The University Of Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama in 1987 and a Bachelor Of Science in Mathematics from The University Of Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama also in 1987. My works are meant to convey a sense of growth and nurturing in a world full of chaos. They are intended to inspire tranquility, quiet introspection, relaxation and peace of mind in a world that sometimes seems to be spiralling out of control. A connection to art, just as with a good book, can help us to forget the world outside and become a calm in the storm. My work is strongly rooted in the organic forms of nature. Even in my abstract pieces you will find organic forms. Creating something beautiful that is representative of nature makes me feel better about the state of the world and I hope it will inspire the same in those who appreciate my work. The recurrent themes you will find in my work are bright, vibrant, saturated colors and a luminous and sometimes metallic look. Always, my work is full of texture- thick texture. The bright colors, organic forms and thick texture help to bring one to a zen-like state of mind. Ultimately, I want my work to reflect the beauty of nature in such a way as to inspire respect, not only of this earth we live on, but also those who live on it with us.