Hi there, my name David, I am 64 years old, I have been creating artwork for just over three years now, this type of artwork I am very interested in, even through I have not been doing this very long well to be Quite honest less than a week, I hope as time goes on to get much better at it as I believe it has endless possibilities and I really do think this is the future of art, I have been creating digit artwork in one form or other for three years now when I was in my sixth week I sold my first artwork which was a fractal type design for a £1000.00 pounds the print when off to America and I got good feedback from the client so we were both pleased with the result, I also got picked a few months latter to show my work in Amsterdam I was picked out of tens of thousands of artists but alas I could not go due to family commitments I would really like to make a name for myself in the art world, I feel it is my calling and I can produce really good art, as easily as I can breath air, until I found art I was never really good at any thing in my life, and then I found art, or art found me, which ever way you look at it it and it has been my salvation, and I will carry on doing it till I pass, which hopefully is not for a good few decades yet, if you have any questions about me or my artwork please ask.