Fausto Ignacio Cantú Cantú Born in Monterrey N.L. Mexico 1968 The use digital technology as an essential part of the works and processes since 1990, from digital printing, animation, generative design and virtual reality as well. The idea of the intangible, the speed of execution, the ephemeral cycles and ephemeral of the technological pieces and their ability to have infinite versions, copies, and originals, but at the same time, figurative expressionism and the human condition in all this is involved. Fausto works on the premise of the exploration and use of what the spontaneity of the stroke and the stain can provide for the realization of the plastic work, always, looking for the expression of what is inside. In this way, the use the point, the line and the pixel to create compositions of great tension where he develops and address issues such as the subconscious, human interaction and the body itself. From energetic strokes he builds an atmosphere that becomes strong and heavy, the colors and shapes accompany a deep feeling that evokes anguish and silence. Coming to bother, he invites the viewer to look at ourselves, questioning about human identity.