Derek G. Roberts was born in Chattanooga, Tn in the year 1978. He spent his childhood living in Chicago and traveling back and forth between Georgia and Tennessee. During the vast expanse of accumulated experiences gathered in his travels, it became clear to him that he was an individual who desired to create. Unfortunately, he was a horrible and untalented artist. It was as clear as a southern sunny day that he did not have the skills to express himself and create art at the caliber at which he desired within his soul. So instead of creating visual and tangible art, he decided to take up music. For many years he created a vast catalog of songs spanning many genres utilizing instruments, step sequencers, samplers, and computer software. And then that endeavor ceased to exist. With the creation of digital image software and an uncanny intrinsic desire to continuously create and manipulate images of light produced by various technological devices, Derek has entered the arena of abstract digital image creation and subjective artistic visual manipulation. With an emphasis on symmetrical forms, bizarre oddities, extraterrestrial infusions, infinite beauty, and a humorous expansion of universal awareness he creates to live. With an ever-evolving vision of transformative potential, he seeks to bring forth work that is both simple, abstract, contemporary, and most significantly personal.