Diana de Avila

Sarasota, FL
Diana de Avila creates cosmic digital art rooted in fractal geometry, hovering at the intersection of technology and the natural world, where quantum physics, chaos theory, and divine order converge. Fueling the precise yet sprawling, other-worldly images she creates—using a palette that comprises multiple software programs, algorithms, and artificial intelligence—is a visionary power that reflects her unique personal history and the circumstances that literally skewed her perception.

Several years ago, a relapse of MS combined with the worsening of a traumatic brain injury she had suffered in a 1984 motorcycle accident led to Acquired Savant Syndrome and synesthesia. Suddenly her vision and cognition were drastically affected; and a part of her brain was essentially rewired, giving her artistic abilities she had never before possessed.

“I guess you might call it an ‘awakening’; it was strange—to say the least— but at the same time wonderful,” says Diana.

In her work, Diana doesn’t merely reproduce fractals mechanically, but actually deconstructs and reconstructs them, reworking them into basic primitive shapes and radiantly colored patterns—twisting the mechanics of geometry and the natural order.

In a sense, her work functions as an ongoing series of dispatches from this strange subjective world; but is still closely connected to a universal, shared reality for which her relatively new gifts as an artist have made her an ideal emissary.