Dmitry Zakharov is a new media artist based in Cologne and Berlin. His stroboscopic and progressive works involve a refined aesthetic sense of matter: fluids, bodies, lights, and colors mixed with a touch of darkness.

In his artworks, Zakharov examines the fundamental aspects of humankind in interaction with the digital world that we inhabit. He conveys issues surrounding life and death or space and time by visualizing them through innovative media technologies. Thus, he transforms those very abstract topics into tangible experiences.

The artist’s progressive approach finds its roots in his experience as a musician and VJ, as well as in his early projects in zoological specimens. His diverse experiences liaize in Zakharov’s works and produce a unique mixture of abstract shapes and organic structures.

“Every innovation or technique can be used for what it is not intended”: Dmitry Zakharov, 2014, RoomsMagazine

Zakharov is an adventurer who explores not just the endless possibilities of digital art but also cultural life, social norms, and nature. With his free-spirited mindset, he likes to break up conventional methods in order to create new aesthetics. His work can be found in various spaces and contexts. He creates solo exhibitions, takes part in festivals, and collaborates with other artists and musicians.

Furthermore, Zakharov works on commercial assignments. With his unique style, the artist is able to create impactful ways of digital storytelling in a promotional context. In his exceptional approach, he matches his creativity with his customers’ visions so as to achieve captivating results.


2023 Art Basel Hong Kong
2023 Huckletree London, UK
2022 Geist - Deutschlandfunk Kammermusiksaal Cologne, DE
2022 1703 Art Fair St. Petersburg, RU
2022 NFT Paris Exhibition Paris, FR
2022 Electric Kingdom – Gallery Idolwild Los Angeles, US
2021 .dreams – immersive exhibition Dubai, UAE
2021 Neo Shibuya Tokyo, JP
2021 Denver Digerati Digital Animation Festival Denver, US
2021 Tirana International Film Festival Tiranam, AL